Artistic essence

Roald Andersen dy.

Norwegian visual artist. Born 1971 in Stavanger. Living and working in Kristiansand.

I have worked mainly with sculpture, installation and drawing /mix media on paper. I have also worked with social collaborative projects in several different settings.

Selection of exhibitions / assignments:
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (regional art museum), KODE Art Museums in Bergen, Kristiansand Kunsthall (local art museum) , Høyersten Contemporary, Galleri Jacob Bjørn i Aarhus og Q42.

The themes I work with often revolve around everyday objects we surround ourselves with, such as floors, beds and benches.
The installations challenge our prejudices and preconceptions about what a floor / bed / bench is or may be. They change our perspectives and make us look at the elements of our lives we otherwise take for granted in a different way. The floor seems to hide a secret. The bed becomes a living organism.
In my projects I often involve users and audiences in the work process. The inclusive workflow gives the projects important perspectives as I move on to the finished result.

Several public schools and kindergartens, the Norwegian Public Road Administration and Sørlandet Regional Hospital have been arenas and partners in these social projects.

For enquiries please contact Høyersten Contemporary