Theory on sleeping floor II, III

KODE Kunstmuseene i Bergen 2015-17 og Kristiansand Kunsthall 2013

Teori om sovende gulv
Heltre eik og stavparkett dekker hele rommet.

Fra drømmeanlegget 2013
malt tre, størrelse 155 x 200 x 100 cm

Roald Andersen t.y.´s “Theory on sleeping floors” could arguably be deemed as an extreme piece of carpenting. But it is a highly modern piece of art. With it´s organic shape, it´s waves and tops, it insist on the ongoing process of nature inside a human invention – the floor – as if something hidden inside is trying to surface. It could be dangerous or beautiful, no one knows. It´s a reminder of the wild forest inside the woodwork, the living plant inside the boards. And so this work gives the delicate impression of still growing as it lay before your eyes. It is the artist challenging our understanding of the concrete and man made. The piece can be seen as a free continuation of Roald Andersen´s twisting childrens beds (in wood), as seen in the collection of Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand. They are all pieces in what seems to be a larger body of work, always growing, always closing in on the unfamiliar in the familiar form.

Pål Gitmark Eriksen